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For a party, a meeting or a date, for your holidays, or simply because you need a new look,
change your hairstyle and your look in minutes.

Try online thousands of new hairstyles on your picture.  

Try online and on your own picture thousands of new haistyles and choose the must.

Lift all the beauty of your face starting from your simple picture and using our online hairstyle simulator.

StylOR - le miroir magique (TM, SM) was developped in cooperation with famous French hairdressers, relooking experts and estetical surgeons. Some other good news: the download and setup of the virtual coiffure hairdress and relooking software is free. You can even load your own photo and try it online for free.

Changing your hairstyle was never so easy before. You are only some clicks away from your next hairstyle - simple, complicated, styled or only different - as you want it and when you want it.


StylOR is as simple as that:

1. Prepare your picture (or your webcam).

2. Choose StylOR Light or StylOR ZeN

3. Choose the hairstyles collection you want to try (StylOR ZeN).

Three minutes latter you will see:
It's simply magic!

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the page try it.

coiffure tendance.

Better try before cut ...


StylOR the magic miror is your real beauty servant. Chossing a well adapted coiffure or hairstyle increases the beauty capital of your face. Scientific relooking research showed that a well adapted hairstyle can triple the positif impact of your image. Thanks to the technological advace in beauty products and industry, today professional hairdressers use many innovant and natural beauty products and techniques. They can build almost any hairstyle or coiffure if your request is clearly expressed. And there is nothing more clear than a photo of your visage with the coiffure or hairdress of your wish!