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For trying new hairstyles with StylOR Light click the mini-StylOR button. You can do it directly on this web site and see new coiffures right now.

For testing new hairstyles with the professional relooking StylOR Image software you only need Windows Vista, XP or 2000, an internet access, a webcam or a good picture ready to use.

Download for free StylOR Image - the virtual hairdresser & relooking software (1 to 3 minutes - depending on the speed of your internet access)
Download and setup for free Stylor Image by clicking here. In the next widow choose Open or Execute. Specify where you want to install StylOR Image on your computer. You can accept the default settings and install it on C:\Program Files\Stylor or you can change the setup address as you wish. The software is so light and strong that you can even install it on an USB key! Thus you can easily use it on different computers. The setup does not modify the operating system and usually takes less than 3 minutes.

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Illustrated setup and usage guide (French) - StylOR Image. Click.


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StylOR the magic miror is your real beauty servant. Chossing a well adapted coiffure or hairstyle increases the beauty capital of your face. Scientific relooking research showed that a well adapted hairstyle can triple the positif impact of your image. Thanks to the technological advace in beauty products and industry, today professional hairdressers use many innovant and natural beauty products and techniques. They can build almost any hairstyle or coiffure if your request is clearly expressed. And there is nothing more clear than a photo of your visage with the coiffure or hairdress of your wish!