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For StylOR light (offering a selection of hairstyles in a simple flash application) read the email you received from StylOR.

For testing and using the professional relooking StylOR Image software (thousands of hairstyles and collections) install the software on the page how to and read the instructions bellow.

Start StylOR Image et load your photo from your computer or make a new one with your webcam (image). Focus on the face by setting the rectangular frame as on the next image and start the virtual hairstyler or hairdress simulation by clicking the button "Send" (image).
In a first window you will see some examples of hairdress styles proposed during the regular usage of the software. By choosing different series and by validating with the small orange button you will see four miniature examples of hairstyles of each collection on the face of a StylOR model. (image). This step is optional and you can close this optional window by clicking the OK button.
In the following window you can choose the desired type of hairstyle (collection). During a free test you will only have access to one free set or collection. Select it and validate by clicking the green button.(image).


Three minutes latter you will receive your free virtual hairdress simulation on your screen.

In the mean time you will notice two new previous-next buttons in the upper part and eleven new image setting buttons on the left side of the screen.(image)

During a free test you will receive one image. With a payed subscription you will receive real hairdress simulation sets. Change the displayed hairstyles with the new upper buttons and refine each image settings with the image setting

It's as simple and magic as a
child game. Don't miss that!


StylOR the magic miror is your real beauty servant. Chossing a well adapted coiffure or hairstyle increases the beauty capital of your face. Scientific relooking research showed that a well adapted hairstyle can triple the positif impact of your image. Thanks to the technological advace in beauty products and industry, today professional hairdressers use many innovant and natural beauty products and techniques. They can build almost any hairstyle or coiffure if your request is clearly expressed. And there is nothing more clear than a photo of your visage with the coiffure or hairdress of your wish!