Good photos - how to choose and prepare

- Uncover your forhead and your ears. Attach your hair and apply it to your head. One good idea is to make your photo after your bath or shower with your hair wet.

- On your photo it is suitable to see your both ears. You can also certainly use a scanned identity card photo but we suggest you take a new one well adapted.

- In order to help the software work faster and improve the haistyles image quality, choose a dark background and an uniform light.

- Here is a free StylOR model photo for tests. You can take this as an example of how to frame your face photo for getting the most out of your free virtual hairstyles and hairdress software Click here.

- Your picture should not exceed 400 px x 400 px and 200 ko and should be in a jpg or gif format. You can easily fix and organize your photos with different free image softwares.